Top 10 Solar PV Module Suppliers in India for 2021

Here we investigate the main sunlight based PV module provider in India (utility-scale and roof projects) for the year 2021.

Sun based India 2021

Sun based energy has become the main asset for sustainable power development around the world, and the case is comparative in India. Where it presently positions in front of wind energy, as the main supporter of India’s environmentally friendly power generational limit.

As indicated by the most recent information made accessible by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), as on February 29, 2020, a total sustainable power limit of 132.15 GW had been introduced in the country, with an extra limit of 46.69 GW under different phases of usage and 34.07 GW under different phases of offering. Of these, lattice associated sun based force limit is at 35.07 GW, with 21.35 GW in usage and an extra 31.27 GW at different phases of offering.

Presently while the Indian sunlight based market is extending as fast for what it’s worth, a larger part of its interest (approximately 70%) is being met through imports from China and other unfamiliar business sectors. Furthermore, the Indian Government is currently intending to rapidly progress to an all the more locally subordinate market as it needs to diminish the imports from unfamiliar providers (particularly China). In accordance with which, new declarations have been made which will see import obligations on Chinese imports ascend to (at its most elevated) 40% of the expense of the modules. A substantial import obligation, and one that maybe will come as a lift for the nearby producers.

However, for 2021, while the protect obligation was set up with import rates running at 15 percent, the complete modules provided to the market are assessed to be around 8,366 MW, to a great extent overwhelmed by Chinese makers.

Here we investigate the main Solar Power PV module provider in India (utility-scale and housetop projects) for the year 2021.

Risen Energy

The main module provider in the Indian market for 2021 was Chinese brand Risen Energy. The organization got done with a 11.6 percent portion of the market, crawling out neighborhood make Waaree to the best position. The organization, according to investigate office Bridge to India, held the best position for a second successive year.


Mumbai-settled sun oriented PV module producer Waaree got a 10.6 percent piece of the pie in 2021, completing second in the general market behind Risen Energy. In any case, it beat any semblance of Vikram Solar and Adani to guarantee the spot of the main nearby module provider on the lookout.


Another Chinese producer, finishing off the main three provider list is Znshine. The firm gotten a 9.6 percent portion of the market to complete in the third position. Generally, the company’s fares to India declined in 2021 which tumbled from over a gigawatt in 2018 to around 800 MWs in 2021, be that as it may, it actually kept an agreeable offer on the lookout.

Vikram Solar

Fourth in the rundown, and just hardly missing out to Znshine in the main 3 providers list is Kolkatta based maker Vikram Solar. The firm missed out on top three by an edge of around 8-10 MWs, as it got a piece of the overall industry of 9.5 percent to Znshines’ 9.6 percent. The firm has gotten a 300 MW sun oriented undertaking from NTPC and is relied upon to remain firm at the first spot on the list for 2020.


Following right behind Vikram Solar is Adani which snatched a 9.5 percent piece of the overall industry in the organization. Adani maybe is one the biggest IPPs and task designers in the country, and its extravagance in the assembling industry floated by the new success in the nation’s first assembling connected delicate (yearly required assembling limit of 2000 MW) could see it trying for the best position very soon.

Trina Solar

First of the five Chinese firms that will finish off the main 10 is Trina Solar. The firm snatched a 8.5 percent share in the Indian market in 2019 to complete 6th. It is accepted that the organization was really driving the market for the main portion of the year yet then missed out to the others by year-end.


Next in the rundown is Renesola which packed away a 6 percent piece of the pie in 2019, to space in at seventh situation behind Trina Solar. The Chinese producer had crossed the achievement of 20 GW in sun oriented module conveyances worldwide at the back finish of 2019.


In eight position is JinkoSolar, which completed eighth in the rundown with a 4.6 percent share on the lookout. Not the best situation for the main provider, notwithstanding, the firm has had a decent beginning in 2020. The maker, as per JMK Research, was the main sunlight based module provider in India in the principal quarter of 2020.

LONGi Solar

One of the world’s driving producers of high-proficiency mono-glasslike sunlight based cells and modules, LONGi Solar just figured out how to complete ninth in the rundown of driving providers in India for 2019. The organization dealt with a 4.5 percent share on the lookout yet will want to enhance that in 2020, as it has marked a 1.2 GW multi-year module supply concurrence with Adani Green Energy.

Canadian Solar

Finishing off the best 10 is the seventh Chinese module producer in the rundown – Canadian Solar. The firm held a 3.8 percent share in the Indian market in 2019. In April, the firm had expressed that it had encountered the restricted effect of the Covid episode on its creation offices situated in China, and is required to hold a greater offer in the market in 2020.

{It should be noted here that this rundown was sourced from an examination report by JMK Research and Analytics. Nonetheless, a report by Bridge to India has a marginally unique positioning for the top module providers for the year 2019.}